Did Dinosaurs ever stop to smell the roses?

The weird thing about that question, other than the visual of a giant reptile sniffing at a bush, is that it is the flowers that are the questionable element. The evidence suggests that some dinosaurs at least had an amazing sense of smell. Studies of Tyrannosaur brain shape show it had a large olfactory bulb,Continue reading “Did Dinosaurs ever stop to smell the roses?”

Here at the beginning

In this post I’m going to focus on gardening and show you where I’m starting from. I’ve lived in my current home, and with my current garden, for almost a year now. The house itself is about 20 years old. The “main” garden consists of a fairly mature, quite mossy, lawn. There is a collectionContinue reading “Here at the beginning”

Who I am and Why I am here

I am Pat. I am here because I have a garden. I am very new to having a garden, but I have had a strong interest in growing things for as long as I can remember. I am very excited to have a garden. I am also a science nerd. I have a PhD inContinue reading “Who I am and Why I am here”