Who I am and Why I am here

I like apples

I am Pat. I am here because I have a garden. I am very new to having a garden, but I have had a strong interest in growing things for as long as I can remember. I am very excited to have a garden. I am also a science nerd. I have a PhD in plant genetics. Although I no longer work in academia, I am still interested in what is happening in the scientific world.

In this blog I will combine these passions with my love of writing. I hope that having a blog will motivate me to maintain a consistent level of effort in my garden, and in keeping up with popular science. And maybe it’ll help me find a few people who share my somewhat odd collection of interests too.

I’m looking forward to the journey. And if you find yourself here, why not say hello?

Published by Pat

Once an academic working on plant genetics I ran away to the medical device industry so I could pay my bills. Now, in between family life and bringing new devices from the lab to the production line I potter about my garden shed worrying at the big questions of life, the universe and what's eating all my beetroot?

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